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 Beginners course:

  The course lasts two months. It comprises 8 individual lessons with a professional coach. We will also supply you with all the necessary fencing equipment. You can come to the club to practice and fence as often as you like: we are open 6 days a week. After two months you will be ready to participate in local and provincial competitions, and we will be happy to develop a special program for you to continue fencing depending on your age, skills, physical qualities etc.          

The sport of aristocracy and the stuff of romance fencing today is the culmination of a centuries old art and it is

accessible to everyone. 

Fencing is a popular modern sport, for all participants of all ages. This includes the disabled athlete. Anyone from 8 to 80 years can compete and enjoy the sport for recreational purposes. Agility, fast reactions, and tactical thinking are the prime requirements for fencers.


























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